Just When I Am About To Get Excited

I was very excited that we are finally going for a date again. Just hubby and I. We made a reservation to watch Avatar 3D tomorrow afternoon and our children will be in the safe arms of my parents.

Just when I am about to get excited, my right tummy pain became more intense and I was so tempted to pop in painkillers if I can find any. While bathing with the children, the pain was so intense that I raised my voice at them when they dilly dally. I felt very bad after that.

I called hubby hoping that he can come home to prepare dinner for our children and take care of them for a little while while I lie down to let the tummy muscle relax and get some rest. Unfortunately, his helper did not come in yet and he is not sure whether she will come in or not.

I can’t get help from my parents coz they are attending a wedding dinner.

What to do? Cry lor and ask God for help. Thank God the crying and praying helps to release the tense and the pain subsided a little bit and I quickly prepare dinner for my children before they starve.

Just when they are enjoying their burgers, hubby came home. :D His helper came in. Yay! PTL!!!

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  1. wen says on :

    so nice that u get to enjoy avatar with hubby alone. we went with the kids!

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